Tutoring Program


ACTS 360 has launched the UPs tutoring program to help elementary school students build good learning habits, as well as be more focused, motivated, and self-reliant. Help students reach their full potential through an individual progress plan.

Inside Out Program

Mentoring Program

We are building Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills through arts and having valuable conversations about the importance of all emotions and how to best express them. Through art projects and activities, we hope students can build emotional awareness and foster healthy relationships, by learning to recognize and express their emotions and move through difficult feelings with greater ease.

Arts & Crafts Program

Mentoring Program

Through art projects and group activities, we hope to help students develop a positive self image and encourage self expressions and creativity through art education.

Shoe Step 30

Community Project

We are partnering with Step30xSF to collect both shoe and financial donations to be sent to children in need of Kenya and Uganda.

Marriage and Parenting Workshops

Family-Focused Program

By providing psycho-education, practical tools and skills in engaging individuals, couples or parents, workshops aims at strengthening family relationships, improving communication and guide them through the daily challenges.

Mentoring through Music

Mentoring Program

The mentorship through music program provides mentorship in enhancing musical, personal, and social-emotional development of children and adolescents.

COVID-19 Related Projects

Community Project

The COVID pandemic affects all walks of life—yet, in midst of fear and uncertainty, there is love! Three projects were launched since March 2020 to extend our commitment to communities and our support to the families we've come to know and love.

Short-term Counseling Assistance Program

Family-Focused Program

The Short-Term Counseling Assistance Program helps the families we serve receive short-term counseling for their marital, parent-child, or emotional problems.